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Furniture restoration in Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Good quality furniture can be hard to come by these days. So, if your furniture is old, what do you do? If it's an antique, how do you replace it without spending a fortune? Well, Basil Moore Carpentry has the perfect solution for you; restoration!

We provide a brilliant furniture restoration service to help you revive your old furniture and get more years out of them.


Whether they're antiques, pieces of furniture you'd rather not throw away, or just items you feel you could get more years of use out of, we can help you with them.

Our furniture restoration service covers:

• Full furniture restoration

• Antique furniture

• Furniture refurbishment

• Furniture repairs

• Furniture (French) polishing

• Leather furniture restoration

What do you gain from restoring your old furniture?

You could save yourself a small fortune. Rather than shell out on new furniture, you can restore what you have at a fraction of the price and have money left over for other things like a nice holiday.

Restore your old furniture and save yourself a fortune. Call us today for furniture restoration on

01707 267 274